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Sichuan “Wenjiang District Practice” Facilitates Rural Revitalization to Make New Breakthroughs and Create a New Chapter of “Beilin”

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Sichuan “Wenjiang District Practice” Facilitates Rural Revitalization to Make New Breakthroughs and Create a New Chapter of “Beilin”

November 14
19:31 2019

Beilin Greenway of 65 kilometers, Pastoral Complex, Forest with Western Sichuan Characteristics, Flowers Garden… Supported by the new chance and related policies, Wenjiang “Beilin” profoundly develops by surrounding “rural revitalization”. As the constructor of “Beilin”, Chengdu Agriculture High-tech Garden always adheres to the philosophy of “high-end implementation of western control and green practice of western control”.

In accordance with the overall goal of “constructing a new central urban area which fully shows the new development philosophy of appropriate for business, living and traveling”, Chengdu Agriculture High-tech Garden is established in the spatial pattern of “City in the South and Forest in the North” to actively undertake the mission of “main battlefield” of rural revitalization and the responsibility of “battle position” of the beautiful and livable garden city construction.

To achieve industry revitalization by integration development of three agriculture “agricultural innovation, agricultural travel, and agricultural healthcare; to realize talent revitalization by enhancing talents training in universities and institutes; to achieve cultural revitalization by deeply digging out local culture… so as to lay a good foundation for comprehensively implementing rural revitalization strategy, realize the innovative integration of “three agriculture”, continuously promote transformation of ecological value, and  profoundly advance the high-quality development of the garden.

As the main battlefield of Wenjiang District rural revitalization, Chengdu Agriculture High-tech Garden shoulders the great mission of realizing rural revitalization and exploring Wenjiang District practice in Chengdu western control area. Thriving business is the focus for rural revitalization. Therefore, we need to realize industry revitalization by speeding up integration development, talent revitalization by enhancing talents cultivation, cultural revitalization by developing local culture, ecological revitalization by adhering to green development, and organizational revitalization by intensifying party construction.

Agricultural Innovation: New Agricultural Technology Innovation Center Supports Rural Revitalization

Agricultural technology innovation is an important impetus for the agricultural modernization in Wenjiang District “Beilin”. Focusing on agricultural high-tech and agricultural innovation demonstration belt construction, by taking vividly displaying the R&D, incubation and transformation strength of Wenjiang District agricultural high-tech as the emphasis and agricultural high-tech innovation center as the main carrier, Wenjiang District “Beilin” strives to create agricultural research and intellectual property transaction scenes and construct the urban modern agricultural silicon valley practical development serving Sichuan and radiating western area. With the principle of “complementary to each other, mutual benefit and win-win, and joint development”, Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau, Wenjiang District People’s Government, Sichuan Agricultural University, Chengdu Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, and Sichuan Tequ Investment Group Limited constructed Chengdu urban modern agricultural industry technology research institute together. In order to profoundly implement the development philosophy of innovation, coordination, green, open and share development, driving by supply-side structural reform in agriculture, centralized on promoting modern agricultural demonstration city construction, staring from key projects of city school cooperation, it makes new contributions in the new course of constructing a city which full shows new development philosophy in Chengdu.

Chengdu Urban Modern Agricultural Industry Technology Research Institute closely surrounds the development needs of Chengdu urban modern agriculture to attract more famous agricultural research institutes, technology enterprises, technology service enterprises and financial institutions to settle in according to the requirements of agglomeration of innovation elements, integration of  key technology and concentration of affiliated enterprises; by constructing innovation chain, industrial chain, capital chain linkage, and integrating four functions including agricultural scientific research, international communication, industry incubation, and comprehensive service, it is built into an international featured ecological agricultural “silicon valley” leading Sichuan, driving southwest, and serving China. In just 1 year, 23 platforms and 36 enterprises have settled in.

Agricultural Healthcare: Featured Healthcare Projects Development Supports Rural Revitalization

Based on the philosophy of “world view, international standard and Wenjiang characteristics”, agricultural healthcare integration is further broken through in Wenjiang District “Beilin”. The development of Yitian Village Project exactly narrates “Beilin” carrying out the transformation from ecological value to economic value perfectly, promoting the implementation of Wenjiang District rural revitalization strategy. “Residential style buildings in west Sichuan are arranged in order, where included lots of guesthouses, while outside the buildings, there are rice fields crisscrossed with green trees, and “Rows of neat houses, fertile fields, beautiful ponds, mulberry and bamboo forests” in Peach Blossom Spring arises spontaneously…”Beilin” Yitian Village Project, locates in Wanchun Town of Wenjiang District, is a Chengdu idyllic international healthcare resort created according to national 5A standard and one of the key projects of rural revitalization of Wenjiang District Beilin ring road.

After the Project is completed, it will encourage local people to live and work nearby, changing labor to agricultural workers and farmers to shareholders. In the meantime, this Project will introduce international famous featured brands, build hot springs beside rice fields and create new rural health complex. From the overall plan of the Project, prioritizing Pastoral scenery of western Sichuan, one-stop healthy living highland will be created with the mode of “agriculture + tourism”, “agriculture + cultural innovation” and “agriculture + healthcare” in accordance with national 5A standard. This is another practice for Chengdu Agriculture High-tech Garden to implement rural revitalization, the masterpiece for promoting the construction of functional zones for health industries and beautiful and livable garden city, and the practice for adhering the integration of agriculture, business, culture, tourism, sports and healthcare, inventively developing “agriculture + tourism”, “agriculture + cultural innovation” and “agriculture + healthcare”, realizing “green mountains are mountains of gold and silver”, and transferring ecological value into economic value.

Agricultural Tourism: Ecology, Economy and Health Supports Rural Revitalization

The integration of agriculture and tourism is an important factor for promoting the rural revitalization in “Beilin”, thus the key is to seek a faster development in a higher level. In accordance with the requirements of “ecological road, economic road and health road”, the construction is speed up in 65 kilometers Beilin greenway scenario, succeeding in building a total of 19 boutique guesthouses such as Jiufang Villa and 3 AAA level forest scenic areas such as Yuanxianghelin.

Prosperous cities, quiet villages, improving urban and rural ecology, beautifying urban and rural environment, and by integration, a greenway builds urban and rural “beautiful economy”… the greenway with the length of 65 kilometers in “Beilin” is  well-known to all. In recent years, Chengdu Agriculture High-tech Garden takes the greenway construction as the traction engineering for promoting rural production mode changes and driving farmers to be rich to make efforts to build four travel consumption scenes including flower garden tour, high-end homestay experience, ecological greenway fitness and healthcare services integrating spatial panorama, full-time experience and nationalized leisure, so as to enable local people to fully share the greenway value-added benefits. Wenjiang District “Beilin” strives to realize the changes from “rural greenway” to “garden greenway”, “riding greenway” to “leisure greenway”, and “development greenway” to “enrichment greenway”, building the greenway into the ecological greenway, healthy greenway, economic greenway and happiness greenway.

“Beilin” greenway drives “Beilin” ecologic value to change to economic value; creates the consumption scene; encourages the flowers and trees enterprises along the greenway to adjust planting area, display high-quality flowers and trees resources centrally, form exhibition belt of crape myrtle, weaving and bonsai by surrounding three leading industries; guides “garden changing into scenic spot”; constructs the superimposed diversified business forms of product sales, tourism consumption and cultural creativity”; speeds up the projects such as Xinshang Flower Expo Park; builds flower and wood boutique park such as Huimeihuajing along the greenway. At Beilin greenway ecotourism loop, a total of 6 billions level projects group driving by the leading project arranged by Agricultural High-tech Garden shows up its shape. In the garden, lots of dotted forest transformation and pastoral complex characteristic projects such as rehabilitation guesthouses, Chinese medicine health club, and ecological wetland farm featured by pastoral form are scattered all over like stars in the sky, the greenway facilitates rural revitalization and creates glory again.

Revitalizing rural development has never been achieved overnight, no matter for agricultural innovation, agricultural healthcare or agricultural tourism, Wenjiang District “Beilin” has enough patience, perseverance and resilience to keep developing, so as to provide strong impetus and spiritual support for full rural revitalization. We shall accurately master Municipal Party Committee’s overall layout to rural revitalization and status difference between industrial function zone and traditional industry park: according to the requirements of Municipal Party Committee’s rural revitalization and industrial function zone, Chengdu Agriculture High-tech Garden, as the urban modern agricultural industrial function zone, is the main battlefield of rural industrial revitalization, instead of a simple industry park, and moreover, it shoulders the major responsibilities of improving the living environment and improving the life quality, it undertakes tough tasks and huge responsibilities in five rural revitalization. Based on Wenjiang District practice, facilitate rural revitalization to make a new breakthrough and create a new chapter of “Beilin”. (Tang Jie)

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